TRC Property Dressing Service

Over the years it has become more and more important to present properties in the best way possible, not only to help it let more quickly but also to achieve the maximum rent possible. Whether it is a modest 2 bed terrace property, trendy apartment or larger family home, dressing a property can add to the appeal. Tenants will pay a bit extra if they can envisage how a property will look once it becomes a home.


Developers have always known how to sell a lifestyle by dressing their property to impress. Now is the time for landlords to do the same!vionville-before-after
As everyone knows, good property photographs on the website and property portals are key to obtaining the maximum interest. Well presented properties that look cared for and homely are attractive to all prospective tenants.vionville-before-after-3


We have assisted a number of landlords in the past whose properties have been a little slow to let by providing them with a Property Dressing Service. It has proved extremely popular, been very cost effective and has achieved tremendous results.
With this in mind, we have decided to offer this service to all landlords. More information and costs are shown. Below are some before and after photographs so that you can see the difference for yourself. We are sure that you will be able to appreciate how much more appealing these properties look.


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Property Dressing Service – Questions and Answers

What is the property dressing service?
Home dressing is providing the property with accessories such as cushions, lamps, candles, side tables, bedding, ornaments, rugs, pictures, table settings etc to give it a more homely appearance.

Does it include furniture?
No – Landlords would provide basic furniture although there is still much that can be done to enhance a property that is partly furnished or unfurnished.

Is there anything else I need to provide?
No – we provide all accessories.

If you put up pictures will nails be put into my wall?
No – we use special fixings that can be removed without any wall damage.

How long will the accessories stay in my property?
The accessories will remain in the property until it has been let and a tenant has moved in.

How much more rent could I achieve if my property was dressed?
This depends very much on the property, however, on average, a 2 bed apartment or house could achieve an extra £25/£30 per month with a 3 bed semi detached achieving anything up to £50 more per month.

Will this service be very expensive?
Not at all. With prices starting at £75 for a 2 bedroom property, it would pay for itself in a few months.

How do I go about availing of this service?
Simply give us a ring or email and we will arrange to visit your property with you to discuss your options.